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Prince Edward Island

Besides breast tissue, the other effect of MtF HRT that doesn't necessarily reverse itself after too long is infertility. No one seems to know exactly how long is too long, although there's a report of spermotagenesis resuming after having stopped during a 140-day treatment plan , which bodes well for my 150-day-plus experiment.

(The last few times I've masturbated—which hasn't been very often—there wasn't much, ah, material there, indicating semen production shutting down.)

While I was planning the experiment, I thought that I didn't care much about this risk, albeit for unconventional reasons. (If I was really worried, I could have banked sperm, but I didn't.) It's not that I have no interest in raising children someday. It's more that sperm is cheap. Optimizing the genetic makeup of the next generation is obviously very important. But with embryo selection for intelligence plausibly just around the corner, and with creating a human life being one of the most serious responsibilities most people will ever take on, conceiving the old fashioned way, by having sex with your beloved and accepting the roll of the genetic dice, almost seems irresponsible. Maxing out IQ and Foldaway Tote Lifes Road by VIDA VIDA Free Shipping Shop Offer Clearance Store Cheap Price Comfortable For Sale Cheap Sale Inexpensive aytMN
is what matters; am I really so petty as to insist on trying to do it with my sperm in particular?

... maybe? All other things being equal , and given that everything is heritable , having my own genetic children could be nice.

(The really hard part is overcoming the improbability of finding a wife who I could love and who could love me, and who is enthusiastic about starting a family qua eugenics project rather than merely qua family. Any single (cis) women reading this who like my writing: please, don't hesitate to write me !)

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, I mentioned one (relatively minor) motive for the experiment being a desire for trans legitimacy. If I'm going to write about trans issues with the hope of having an impact on the Zeitgeist (and whatever Google Analytics says about my current twenty sessions a day—is that really so unrealistic, after I write more and put more effort into (tasteful) social-media marketing?), it helps to establish credibility that I really am in the relevant reference class. Given that that motivation exists, it's certainly better to acknowledge it rather than not-acknowledge it. But also, establishing credibility is kind of a bad thing to have thumbing the scales on a major medical decision. After all, if I were optimizing for telling the best possible story here and having the greatest impact, the thing to do would be to transition. (Actual trans women like Free Shipping Cheap Real Cheap Sale Big Discount Fetch Sm Back Pack Allsaints v9jkn0DHVS
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are way more interesting than mere gender-dysphoric men like me.) Which has its temptations ...


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You are here: / Lessons / Introductory Algebra / Equivalent Fractions

Fractions that are the same in value but “look” different are known as equivalent fractions . How can that be? As long as you multiply or divide the top and bottom of a fraction by the same nonzero whole number , the resulting fraction will be equivalent to the original.

Examples of Showing or Converting Equivalent Fractions

Example 1: Are the fractions , , and equivalent to each other?

If we model all these fractions as the shaded parts of circles with the same size but subdivided into different equal parts, it becomes obvious that all colored regions occupy the same amount of area.

This is our visual/geometric “proof” why they are equivalent fractions.

Example 2: Are the fractions and equivalent?

There are two ways we can show why these fractions are equivalent using some arithmetic.

Therefore, fractions and are equivalent fractions!

In addition, here are the two fractionsrepresented in circles having the same size but with different equal subdivisions. The two seemingly different fractions occupy the same area.

This is how it looks when they overlap. ( Animated )

Example 3: Show that , ,, and are equivalent fractions.

The strategy is to pick any of the four fractions and using some arithmetic, transform it into the other three fractions.For this example, I would pick the smallest fraction which is .

Multiply by to get . Thus, .

Multiplyby to get. Thus, .

Multiply by to get. Thus, .

Since can be converted into , and, all of them are equivalent fractions.

Example 4: Show that , , , and are equivalent fractions.

This time, I will pick the largest fractionwhich is and work myself backward by transforming it to the other three fractions with lesser values. Since the values would be going down, it makes sense to use division instead of multiplication.

Divide both the top and bottom of by 2 to obtain. Thus, .

Divide both the top and bottom ofby 10 to obtain . Thus, .

Divide both the top and bottom of by 20 to obtain. Thus, .

This can be a short arithmetic “proof” demonstrating that they are indeed equivalent fractions.

There is also an easier way to show that two fractions are equivalent. We may call it the “Cross-Multiplication” Rule.


Event Details

Every Sunday at Legacy Brewing Co. through August will be featuring live Reggae music! Come enjoy good beer and good vibes for a great Sunday night out in Oceanside.

Every Sunday at Legacy Brewing Co. through August will be featuring live Reggae music! Come enjoy good beer and good vibes for a great Sunday night out in Oceanside.


(Sunday) 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Legacy Brewing Co

363 Airport Road Oceanside, CA 92058

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Reggae Sundays in the Harbor

15 jul 5:00 pm 9:00 pm Reggae Sundays in the Harbor 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm Tony's Sports Bar Oceanside , 274 Harbor Dr S, Oceanside, California 92054

Event Details

Every Sunday come enjoy Reggae music performed by Will Locken from Will and the Euphonics at Tony's Sports Bar in Oceanside's Harbor Village.

Every Sunday come enjoy Reggae music performed by Will Locken from Will and the Euphonics at Tony's Sports Bar in Oceanside's Harbor Village.


(Sunday) 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Tony's Sports Bar Oceanside

274 Harbor Dr S, Oceanside, California 92054

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Live Music at the Pour House

15 jul 9:00 pm Live Music at the Pour House 9:00 pm Pour House , 1903 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054-6432

Event Details

Come to the Pour House and enjoy live music by great local bands every Sunday starting at around 9pm! For a full list of the bands that are set to

Come to the Pour House and enjoy live music by great local bands every Sunday starting at around 9pm! For a full list of the bands that are set to play, as well as set times, click .


(Sunday) 9:00 pm


Pour House

1903 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054-6432

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Grunion Run 2018

15 jul (jul 15) 11:40 pm 16 (jul 16) 1:40 am Grunion Run 2018 11:40 pm - 1:40 am (16) Oceanside Beaches , Oceanside, CA 92054

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